Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What's New Wednesday??!!

1. I am hoping October is filled with Great news (Sept. wasn't the best!)

2. I am trying to figure out if I should cut of my hair (it is SUPER DUPER thick and to about the middle of my back.) Short or Long, Short or Long, Short or Long????? UGH!

3. I need to sew my little heart out over the next 6 weeks as I have 2 craft shows coming up. I also need to get some of my items to the shop that is letting me sell there!

4. I need to be more DILIGENT on my menu plans.... I do pretty well, but this last week or so I have NOT been planning at all! I always pull it together (meaning we NEVER have to go out to eat or have CRAPPY food because of it!) BUT I do LIKE knowing what we are having instead of having to figure it out that day!

5. My husband starts a SIDE JOB at a friend of mines house doing their bathroom remodel! He is super excited about it! If the money was to be had, he would TOTALLY be a handy man!!!! He is TRULY a Jack of ALL trades!!!!

6. My kids have 3 days off of school this next week.... OH what am I to do with them??? Maybe the Mall Of America to UNDER WATER WORLD, Maybe the ZOO, Maybe the Science Museum? We have a membership to all of them so it wouldn't be terribly expensive to do those things! I actually think Jim is going to take a day off of work to HANG with us! He just hates missing out on all the fun to be had!

7. It is getting colder out and I am LOVING IT!!!! I love jeans and long sleeve shirt weather! (don't get me wrong, I LOVE wearing Tanks and Capris too, but after so many months of that, it is fun to get to wear all the other clothes in my closet!)

8. I have failed at making bread the past 5 times I have made it.... It is really frustrating me and I almost bought a loaf at the store today because of it! I guess I have to go back to my original recipe huh??? I am just trying to improve the bread, but I guess I just can't!

9. I have been doing REALLY REALLY well at excersising lately! For the past 3 weeks I have either used my Eliptical for 50+ min a day or went to work! It is working out great because m-th my hubby and I watch one show on TV, and I just work out to it! Keeps me from eating too!!!!


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