Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Now that I just got in from the garden (those darn beans won't stop!!!!), I decided it was cold enough to NEED some HOT CHOCOLATE!!! I used to buy SWISS MISS, ya know, the convienent little packages, but because they are FULL of WHO KNOWS WHAT??? I decided that I needed to make my own little packets..... SOOO here is how you do it!!!!

First you will need POWDERED MILK, COCOA, and SUGAR

Next, put 1/3 C. Powdered Milk in each little baggie

Then, put 1 Table Spoon of Cocoa in the baggie

Then you put in 1 Table Spoon of Sugar in each baggie

And for the LAST STEP, you seal the baggie up and mix it around!!!!!

There you have it! A little packet of HOT CHOCOLATE MIX! Just Add to 1 C. of Boiling Water and stir VERY WELL! Let cool until you are able to sip it!!!!!! Because we all know that playing in the snow is much more fun if we know HOT CHOCOLATE is waiting for us in the Kitchen!!!!


Anonymous said...

Are you talking baking cocoa or another kind? I once made a big batch of hot chocolate using baking cocoa... BIG MISTAKE. Way bitter. So what kind of cocoa should I use?

Gabbi said...

Everyday you give me one more reason why I want to live at your house!


SewInLove said...

amy, I used just hershey's cocoa... I think DUTCH would be better, but I don't have any of that! I think the powdered milk and sugar make the difference!