Thursday, September 4, 2008


OK, today we are going to have alittle fun in the bathroom!
I want you to open the drawers, cabinet doors, and that linen closet!
NOW, purge through your things....
*Take out all soaps and shampoos that you are NEVER going to use (if these are new you can donate them to a womans shelter!)
*Take out all your medications, and GET RID of the out of date ones or ones that you are NEVER going to use! (please discard with care so that NO children can get into them. You can take out of date PX to the pharmacy to digard)
*If you haven't changed your toothbrush in the past 3 months, NOW IS THE TIME!!!!
*Take anything that DOESN'T belong in the bathroom OUT!
*Throw out any make up that is OLDER than a year and any mascara that is over 3 months old! Also any makeup that you ARE NOT going to wear again.... why hang onto it????
*If your stuff is super dis - organized.... head to the nearest store or into your stacks of organizing things and get some handy totes! Pick sizes that will fit best and serve a purpose in the space you have!
*Wash out all the drawers and shelfs BEFORE you put things back!!!!

NOW stand back and look at all you have done! Pretty great isn't it!

Leave a comment about how your bathroom NOW looks compaired to how it USED to look. Also tell the what ODD things you found in your bathroom!

NOW stand back and


Gabbi said...

I am going to do this challenge TONIGHT! I am sure I could fill a whole garbage can! SCARY!

Your Thursday challenges might be just the thing I need to get my crap together!


SewInLove said...

OH yippie, I can't wait to help you get your POOP in a GROUP!
NOW to brain storm about this thursdays challenge!