Wednesday, September 3, 2008

WOW, do they grow like weeds!

SOOO, tradition in our house is to take a picture of the kids by the front door the first day of school. So today everyone line up for their photos. THEN of course I have fun uploading them onto the computer and pulling up the ones from last year.... HOLY COW! That is all I have to say....

My 1st born has grown probably 4 inches in a year. The 2nd one is atleast 3 inches taller... and of course, the 3rd child, well, she just turned 5, but she is in our 4 K program... SO, needless to say she will be the tallest in her class for a long time.

OH, wow, it is hard to realize how big they get every year when you live with them... but pictures really do speak a thousand words! Don't they all look excited to run down the driveway and board the bus???!!!!

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