Thursday, September 25, 2008



OK, so..... if you are anything like me, sometimes your dest gets alittle out of hand....

Here is mine.... OUT OF HAND!!!!!

What is on there anyways????? A empty Barney Tape box, an apron I NEED to get listed in my shop, my coupon purse, a purse that needs to be put away, my MP3 for work and the speakers, pins used to pin a quilt, blue tape for holding down a quilt to USE those pins to pin it, money that needs to go to the bank, papers that have to be filed....etc... Does yours look like this too??? THEN LETS CLEAN THEM OFF!!!!!

#1. Take off and PUT AWAY any thing that doesn't even belong on the desk in the first place!!!

#2. Now clean up what does belong on the desk... (but first make sure to wipe it down as you do this!) File the papers that need to be put away! Put the receipts where they need to go (I have a basket on the desk corner that holds IMPORTANT receipts until I file them where they belong!) Clean up any organizing unit that you have. JUST PUT THINGS WHERE THEY BELONG!!!!

THANKS for cleaning your desk off with me today! NOW, mine looks nice and pretty! and so does yours!!!!! This big mess only took me 15 min. to clean up and that was with blogging!!! 15 Min a day to a cleaner ORGANIZED house! (NOW if I can just remember to get those cameras in the corner of the desk developed, my kids would be happy!)

NOW, on to clean my kitchen floor...Does the dirt ever end????????

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