Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gratituesday: A Great Public School System!

Today is the first day of school (well sort of, it is a day the kids HAVE to show up sometime during the day for an open house, but still, considered the first day!) It is also my 3rd childs 5th birthday today and my babies 2 1/2 birthday (we do celebrate the 1/2's with cake at our house!)

So, today I am so very very thankful for a wonderful school district to send my children to. Our school still belives in celebrating the CHRISTIAN holidays... Yes, we celebrate CHRISTMAS, at our school, with christmas trees, christian songs, etc.... We can also send home made goodies to school for snack (YIPPIE). Our class sizes are SMALL.... due to a "sage program grant" that keeps the class sizes small until 4 th grade! Our school principal is one of the lead singers in our church band along with the music teachers, the gifted and talented teacher. I feel blessed that we choose this place to build our home with such a great school system that hasn't felt the need to "GET ON THE BAND WAGON" with neighboring districs with all of the politics. The kids love school and this year, they started a 4K program that my SOOOON to be 5 yr old will go to. FREE of charge, 4 days a week, free busing (this is such a blessing for our family :-) way to go God!)

Sooo, even though I do not homeschool my children, I feel blessed that they have a wonderful district to learn at!

Happy Tuesday everyone!
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Jen said...

You are very blessed to have a school district like that! Where are you....LOL...we want to move there (just kidding) We are homeschooling now because of the change in schools here.

Shalee said...

Oh... it makes me sad to know that our sd isn't as strong as yours. The days have been changed to Winter Party and Spring Celebration. But we remind our kids about the real reason for this special celebrations.

Anonymous said...

What a blessing. We are thankful for our tiny school district, too!

Anonymous said...

Our school district may not be able to be that overt (it's sad that it is even being called that, but there you go), but I know for a fact that a LOT of the teachers and principals are devoted Christians, and do their best to try and help the kids they encounter, however subtly. Churches in our community band together every summer to help work on our schools, and the help is greatly appreciated by our school board. Our church even hosts a back-to-school prayer breakfast for teachers in our county. So even though my son goes to "public" school, it makes me feel good to know that he is surrounded by teachers who care not only about his education, but his soul as well. After all, we are called to be IN the world, just not of it.

Laura said...

I'm so glad you have a school district you feel so good about! What a blessing! Sounds like you have a extra special day today with starting school and celebrating birthdays and half birthdays! FUN!