Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gratituesday: MOOOOOCHING!

I was working on running my NEIGHBORS tomatoes through my kitchenaid strainer, thinking... HMMMM I wonder what I am grateful for today????? AND like a bat to the head, it hit me...
Yes, you read that right.... mooching! That is what I am most grateful for today! I don't mean SELFISH mooching either. I mean good ol' fashion giving and taking! The way our grandparents used to do!
When I look into our garden I am grateful for the Rasperry plants my inlaws gave to us! Also the Rhubarb plants we transplanted from their garden this summer!
I am grateful for our ADOPTED grandparents (Ralph and Caron). We rented a house from them while we were building! You couldn't ask for better, nicer, landlords! They invite us back every summer (for the past 3 summers) to pick ALL the apples that we want! We make applesauce and thank them every time we open a jar! (So far we have canned 77 quarts ) AND I just picked about 100 pounds of apples yesterday that we still need to can!)
I am grateful to my Neighbor BECKY.... She allowed me to pick her stawberries this summer when she didn't have time or was sick of doing it! (we do have our own beds, but you can NEVER get enough Strawberries!) For her patch I probably yeilded 10 Quarts of the yummy things! I am also grateful that she just shared all of her BABY roma's with me because they are tooooooo small (in her words) to can. SOOO, I am making sauce with them instead! My Husband is DEHYDRATING (with a dehydrator borrowed from his parents), Becky's Onions, and for payment we get to keep one of the LOADS of onions (GOOD thing because we didn't get as many from our garden this year!) She has also given us Peppers and other garden items!
I am grateful that we had an OVER stock of GREEN BEANS this year and we were able to share probably AT LEAST 40 quarts with others! AND I will be VERY grateful when others take the over flow of Cantalope we have growing also!!!!!
SEEEE, it is truly a blessing to be able to MOOCH! I love when people ask me for something or when I can BLESS someone else with something! Remember "IT ALL COMES AROUND IN SOME WAY OR ANOTHER!!!"
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Laura said...

Oh YEAH! Mooching is the BEST! I just picked more apples yesterday at our sweet lady friend's house. I love those who have plenty and are willing to share...and I hope I'll always be willing to share anything I have plenty of too!

Elizabeth said...

I am also a huge fan of mooching!! Between neighbors, my mom, and close friends nearby, my grocery bills have been chopped! And, they can probably blame 5 pounds this summer on my homemade cookies and banana breads :) Mooching back and forth is such a wonderful blessing!