Friday, September 12, 2008

OH, things just turned sour!!!!

WOW, why is it when you think things are going GREAT and everything is falling into place, your sister calls you and give you horrible news???? WHY?????
OK, here is the story!
I have worked on a dinner train for 2 yrs now. Last fall we were told the train was closing down. AND, it did from Jan 1st to Mothers Day Sunday this year. The owner decided to OPEN it back up, but we had to re-apply for our job.... which I was fine doing since I know I was NOT one of the BAD APPLES that he wanted to get rid of!
So, I have had my Job back since that wonderful Sunday!
OK, I love my work, I love to work, it makes me feel FULL, it makes me happy... People at my job don't make me feel happy, but for the most part I love working and look forward to my weekend shifts!
OK, here is where things turn for the bad..... My sister informed me that the train is REALLY closing down on Dec 31... THIS YEAR! I thought that that was going to happen at the END of 2009 (Minnesota wants to buy the 7 miles of land/ tracks for a bike trail and we all knew that was in the works) BUT WHY THIS YEAR????? OH, my stomach is in Knots, My head is spinning.... We need the money that I make from my job..... I can't make that good of money working anywhere else (Just a stay at home mom here with no college education)....
I wish that I could just DO what I REALLY WANT TO DO with my life right now.... but with one baby still at home for 3 more years....
(I really want to be a at home consultant for a HEALTHY KITCHEN.... Combining an Organized Kitchen with Nutrition.... teaching people that the reason most people eat out is because they DON'T want to cook in their Kitchen because A- it is disorganized B- they can't find anything to eat C- they don't know how to cook D- ALL of the above! Ok that is my WHAT I WANT TO BE WHEN I GROW UP story!!!!)
OK, soooo where do we go from here..... I have 3 1/2 months of work left at this point..... There is a resteraunt attached to the building where the train runs out of.... that the owner of the train (he also owns the resteraunt) RE- OPENED in July.... Everyone BUT ME works in the resteraunt besides the train.... I do not because I live 64 miles round trip from work and the money I would make inside wouldn't pay for me to drive there... KWIM! SOOO, pretty much I am the only one up a creek with out a paddle!
AHHHH, I am going to hit my knees today and pray about all of this.... I can feel the depression setting in on the job loss that isn't for a few months.... I can feel the stress of it all already....
Please pray that I figure it all out soon so I can move my thoughts on to better things!
Thanks for listening to my vent today!

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Gabbi said...

Okay, we all know that things happen for one reason or another. DO NOT turn to depression. Trust me, there are way better choices out there than to be depressed. Keep your head up and know that God takes care of us. This could be the opportunity you are waiting for.

Why can't you start doing what you love right now? There are a lot of women out there, like me, who have the issues you discussed and work. So we would need you in the evening or on a weekend day to help us.

You should put together a flyer, and say for 3 hours of a Saturday I will help you organize and set up stations or whatever it is you do for $60 or whatever you want to charge.

This is something needed now, before the holidays creep up on us and we have family and friends coming into our cluttered areas....

I will help you with flyers and help you post them and we could do an add on Craigs List.

So, when are you inviting me over???