Wednesday, September 17, 2008


OK, we are going to tackle something BIG today!!!! It is your BEDROOM CLOSET!!!!!

I know, breathe, breathe..... take a big breath.... let it out..... it will be OK!!!!!Remember, take baby steps you you will get through this challenge!

OK, here is what I want you to do... I want you to open your closet doors and CLEAN IT OUT! OK, just kidding, well sort of.... but I will help you through the process by having you ask yourself some questions about your clothes!

1. Pull out ALL the clothes that don't fit anymore! If you want to keep some clothes for "JUST IN CASE I gain or lose a few pounds, etc.... Store them in a box under the bed, in the attic, or the basement. Keep ONLY the clothes that fit you in your closet!

2. Stained Clothes! OR Ripped clothes that you REALLY aren't going to repair! (the exception to this is WORKING clothes... ie; garden clothes, painting clothes, etc.... Do keep these in ONE place in your closet and don't keep tooooo many, you really don't need more than 2 working outfits! I keep mine on my husbands side... He already has working clothes there, they just blend in!)

3. Shoes that HURT your FEET or that you haven't really worn in YEARS! Come on, are you really going to BUY a dress to match your OLD shoes?????

4. Socks, Bras, and underwear with holes or rips. COME on ladies, these things are fairly inexpensive... if you have been wearing that same ol' bra and panties for years... TREAT yourself to some new unders.... you will feel beautiful when you put them on!

5. Clothes you REALLY don't even like.... things you haven't worn in the past year (with the exception of the holiday sweater, the perfect dress to wear to a wedding, etc...) You know the clothes that you don't really love, GET THEM OUT! Why keep them???? They are taking up precious space!

My husband and I choose to NOT have dressers when we built out new home.... There for we have a closet system....

SO, I do have to put away off season clothes... My closet now has my winter stuff, and most of my tank tops (I am a tank top queen!) and my shorts are put away, along with my summer PJ's. So my winter sweaters, long sleeve t's, and dress shirts are out. My husband on the other hand doesn't need to switch out his clothes, he is a simple man. His shelves on the bottom of his side hold just his flannel pants (pj's) his shorts, and his tanks. He hangs all of his jeans (something I do not do) and also has work Uniforms. In his little org. unit, are his WORKING clothes, he definitely has MORE than the 2 outfits, but he wears his YUCKY jeans to work with his work shirt and then usually wears crappy clothes at home. He is always ready to get dirty at any minute!

What ever you have in your closet to store your clothes in or on, Don't stuff it full!

DON'T keep things just because they COST you money! Remember these THINGS are costing you time and space... Time because you have to dig around them to find what you want to wear and space... WELL, that is a NO brainer!

DON'T keep more than you have space for!

DON'T hold onto things for MEMORY purposes.... Take a photo instead! It takes up less space!

Remember to DONATE anything that is in good shape (plus it is a tax write off!) and THROW away what is not! If you have a friend your same size, see if she needs anything (JUST don't offer her your 10 yr old Bra!)

AND for goodness sakes, GET rid of the NURSING bra if your baby is DONE nursing!!!!!!!!

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