Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What's New Wednesday??!!

Let's see.... what is new with me since last we spoke.....

1. My job is done in 3 1/2 months and I am going crazy... but I already blogged about that days ago....LOL!

2. I have already had to confront my oldest boys teacher about homework.... GGGGRRRR! COME ON LADY, last week was the first full week of school, let's make sure the kids are getting all that you say...... (Trevor never got a spelling packet last week, so he didn't have one to turn in on friday and he bombed his spelling test because we didn't know he had spelling, so there was NO practicing at home....UGH!)

3. I just made the MOST FANTASTIC CHOCOLATE FROSTING IN THE WORLD (I used to be a huge tub frosting fan (ya know betty and phils) I hate the buttercream I make for my kids cakes (everyone else loves it) but today I made the most wonderful frosting EVER!!!!) I will have to post the recipe next monday!!!! SOOO, look for that!

4. With the loss of my job I am trying to come up with other ways to bring in money..... HINT HINT .... go to my ETSY shop!!!!!

5. I have a few orders to get done in the next week, including a I SPY QUILT . A couple MONEY aprons, and some HALLOWEEN BAGS. Better get to sewing!

6. I have been REALLY good about working out 1 hour a day on my eliptical! With the exception of my WORK days....(which is a work out) I have NOT missed a day for the past 9 days! It helps that I watch the DOCTORS and DR. PHIL (does it count as TV time while you are working out????)

7. Did I mention that I made the best chocolate frosting ever????

8. I have to find more things to dehydrate so I can justify the purchase of these....
We borrowed my inlaws and have been dehydrating trays of onions everynight! NEXT I wanna do banana's and apples!!! YUMMMY!!!!! (any ideas ladies????)
9. I decorated for Halloween today! YEP, for real! This is our 3rd Halloween since we moved into our house and I didn't decorate at all the first 2 yrs, so I figure I better do it this year! My 5 yr old said it all looks soooo "PRETTY MOMMY"
10. Have I mentioned the frosting???? I bet you can't wait until monday now!!!!! YUMMM! Better put on an extra 20 min on the eliptical today!

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