Saturday, September 13, 2008

Orange hands mean????

That I have harvested the Carrots and cut them and froze them.

Here is how you freeze enough carrots for all your soups in the winter! (I love freezing them, they come out of the freezer like they have been 1/2 way cooked.... because they get broken down... you can throw them into the soup and it takes 1/2 the time to cook them!)

First you pull up all your carrots and wash them up! Make sure to recruit people to do this for you! It was great because it had just rained all day and our CLAY dirt was nice and soft... If you are not so lucky, you can use a pitchfork to get them out!

Then you throw them into your sink filled with water to WASH them alittle more! Then PEEL, PEEL, PEEL!!! Make sure you get some help with this also....! You hands get sore after awhile and you will still need to CUT them!

THEN, and here is where the ORANGE hands come in to play! CUT THEM all up! Into whatever size you like in your soups and stews! Just try and make sure they are around the same size! Just like you would when you cut them for stuff!

Then here is what I love to do... Make sure you have some celery on hand (I got 6 hearts of Organic Celery), clean and chop that up too. I then add 1 3/4 C. Carrots and 1 C. Celery to each baggie..... I got 8 baggies like this before I ran out of Celery! Then I put 1 3/4 C. carrots into 11 other baggies for a total of 33 CUPS of cut up carrots! AND 19 meals worth! I do put the bags into LARGE Freezer Baggies, this helps with the Potential Freezer Burn!

I will use the Carrots and Celery for our FAVORITE Hamburger Soup, Chicken noodle or Barley soup, Turkey soup, Wild rice chicken bake, etc..... I will use the plain carrots for Split Pea Soup, Noodle salads, Etc....

AND while writing this, I am kicking myself... I SHOULD have saved some of the peels and parts of celery I didn't use to make STOCK with.... I love to cook up the chicken bones when we make a roasted chicken.... UGH, I am hitting my head on my desk! I suppose I could pull them out of the compost pile...LOL, ok just kidding! BUT NOW you remember that whenever you peel carrots or cut up celery, save your leftover stuff in a baggie in the freezer! It cooks up some great stock!

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