Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gratituesday: A Wonderful Home!

So, a few years ago I decided to LOOK for land to build our home! We owned one already but knew that we wanted 4 kids and already was bursting out of our old home with 3 kids. I say "I" because my husband is a chicken! I found land and figured out how we could swing a land payment while we waited for our home to sell! I set everything up with the bank and with a realitor. Then it was my Husbands job to be the Contractor!!!! AND he did a great job!

We Bought the land and Sold our home in Nov. 2004. I found us a great place to rent while we built our home! (This would be where we adopted a set of grandparents and a large apple orchard!) We broke ground in May of 2005 and then I found out I was PREGO in June! That didn't stop me though, I still shingled, painted, tiled, put up siding, layed laminate flooring, helped hang cabinets, helped build the wooden railing by the stairs, put together the closets organizers, etc.... 5 months later we moved in (we celebrate our 3 yr HOME anniversary on Saturday!)

I am so grateful that we had the perfect opportunity and the perfect outcome! Timing was just right and everything went smoothly! Now, I don't have the house exactly the way I want it, but it is wondeful just the same!!!!

So blessing be to God for a wonderful HOME were we LIVE ON LOVE!!!!!

I do pray daily that God helps us hang onto our home and not lose it like so many others hit hard with money issues! Not saying that we don't have the same issues, but my husband informed me he would work 20 hours a day to not lose the home we love so dearly! Thus one big reason I am so scared about being out of my job in 3 months! BUT with God and Prayer, I know it will all be OK!!!!!!

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Laura said...

You are right...God is taking care of you so you will be okay!! Your home looks beautiful. Sounds like you all put a lot of love into it!

Amanda said...

God will take care of you. You must have a lot of memories in your home already, from the foudationg up!