Monday, September 8, 2008

What I will miss when SUMMER is GONE!

Here are just a few things I will miss when summer is GONE!

I will truly miss hanging the clothes on the line.... when we lived in town a few years ago, we had great clothes lines that we used all the time.... then we rented for a year while we built our home, and didn't hang out the clothes. Then the past 2 summers have come and gone with NO CLOTHES POLES.... but thanks to FREE CYCLE, we got our hands on these dandy's and Jim painted them. HERE is to AIR DRYING!!!!!

I already miss hearing the kids laughing and playing on the playset when I "KICK" them outside to "RUN OFF SOME ENERGY". With them in school now, there is little time to PLAY PLAY PLAY after school.... I do play with the youngest after hanging up a load of clothes... she loves to "RIDE IN MY SWING" as she says! BUT it is just not the same as HANGIN' on the monkey bars with all of them running and laughing!

I will miss the fires in our fire pit.... The sticky fingers and chocolate mouths of the kids as the scarf down yummy S'Mores.

AND above everything else... I will MOST MISS my garden! Which is looking SOOO sad since the plants are dying, the tomatoes are almost picked clean, the squash plants are passing away, the corn is drying up to make the havest stalks with, and the beans....WELL, those darn bean plants just keep making beans.... We have picked about 125 Quarts of beans out of the garden this year so far.... we canned 72 quarts, froze about 20 more quarts and have either canned and given them away, or just given them away as is.... The rest of the beans....

(SOOO, there is NO photo of my SAD SAD garden.... all I can say about it is.... it is bigger than ever and we are adding 25 more feet to the length when we till this fall.... so MORE fence and MORE food!)


Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

I love your fire pit. I haven't tried growing green beans yet, but I plan to next year!

SewInLove said...

Thanks... We love it too! Someday we will have a big party and everyone can sit around the fire and have fun!
Green beans are easy, and they just keep producing as long as you keep picking them (we pick every 3 days!)

Gabbi said...

Hey! I cannot figure out your email address. So you email me,

Have you gotten any calls from the restaurant about aprons or from my sister Randi about putting your bags in her shop? Let me know!

Talk soon!


Gabbi said...

I also added your blog to my blog roll! Maye you will get some more traffic!